a Physical and Virtual/Online Summit with a goal to accelerate efforts to end HIV/AIDS in Children and Adolescents in Africa

What are PATA Summits and Forums?

PATA forums are an important capacity-building platform for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange for health providers working on the frontlines of the HIV paediatric and adolescent HIV response. These forums are the foundation to growing the PATA network and expanding our scope of work.


The PATA 2020 Summit, titled Breakthrough and Build Back together! is a collaborative forum that will bring together health providers and stakeholders united in a renewed call to action to accelerate efforts to end AIDS in children and adolescents.

In response to travel restrictions and various COVID-related lockdown regulations, the PATA 2020 Summit will be both physical and virtual. A centralised virtual platform (hub) will be linked and connected to several regional in-country physical meetings (main and satellite spokes).

The PATA 2020 Summit will provide a linking and learning platform to come together online and offline to examine progress, identify gaps and barriers, exchange knowledge, highlight and share game-changing strategies and service delivery frameworks.

Main and satellite spokes are physical meetings organized to ensure that in-country partners and frontline health providers can effectively participate, meet safely and be provided opportunity for regional exchange through access to the virtual hub.

More than just an event, The PATA 2020 Summit is unique and unlike other summits in the HIV sector, it is not abstract driven, has no registration fee for successful applicants, features programming that provides a reality check on services delivery, and is focused on home-grown solutions that are driven by frontline health providers.

See concept note here.

If you would like to be part of the PATA 2020 Summit and would like an application, please complete this form or scan the below QR code so that an application can be sent to you by the 11th September 2020.


Join us, as we stand up in solidarity for the rights, safety and fair working conditions of health providers in both the HIV and COVID response.

Venue – Hybrid hub and spoke model


In response to travel restrictions and various COVIDrelated lockdown regulations, the PATA 2020 Summit will be held via a centralised virtual platform (hub) that is connected to several regional incountry forums (spokes). The summit will combine a centralised virtual hub that allows for real-time and/ or on-demand activities through an online platform. This runs parallel to several in-country spokes. Main spokes will provide full conferencing in-country, with a mix of in-country project meetings held in the mornings, and then connection to the virtual hub in the afternoons. Smaller satellite spokes will be organized and held at health facility or implementing partner sites to facilitate connection and expand access to the virtual hub.

Linking and Learning

The PATA 2020 Summit will provide a platform for linkage and learning to enhance collaboration, knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer exchange across its network and between several parentships and consortia. This collaboration and collective effort can speed up and scale up the implementation of a comprehensive, sustainable and replicable package of HIV services for children, adolescents and young people in sub-Saharan Africa.

The PATA2020 aims to:

  • Identify gaps and amplify breakthrough strategies, tools, and comprehensive service delivery models that accelerate HIV case finding, linkage and access to treatment
  • Foster a linking and learning platform to strengthen partnership, clinic-community collaboration and coordinated action at all levels
  • Share HIV service delivery adaptations and lessons in mitigating and building back from COVID-related setbacks
  • Stand up to stigma and safeguard rights for all in the delivery of treatment, prevention and care services
  • Call for improved access to training, tools and safer working conditions for frontline health providers